1.     What are the benefits of utilizing your services?

Billing for EKGs done at the hospitals is a major challenge – mistakes on patient demographics and lack of medical necessity cause extremely high denial rates. Plus the amount reimbursed per EKG read is usually only $9.50. As a result, billers at most clinics focus on the higher $ claims and billing for EKGs gets ignored.

At Fore, we specialize in EKG billing. All you have to do is scan the hospital face sheets and the corresponding EKG tracings and we take it from there. We verify patient insurance eligibility, code the EKGs and send out the claims immediately. You never have to worry about stacks of EKGs not being billed in a timely manner.

Plus, you only pay for what you use…no fixed overheads either.

However, if the hospitals are paying your doctors a fixed fee for the EKGs read at the hospitals, our service cannot benefit you.

2.     How much work does my staff have to do?

Not much at all….once the doctors give your staff the hospital EKG package, they simply have to scan these pages to your network..that’s it. Most of the office printers have a high speed scanning feature built in which you can use…so you don’t have to buy any equipment either. We will login via secure VPN and download these scans and bill them.

3.     How much do you charge?

We are extremely cost competitive and are much cheaper than doing your EKG billing in-house. Our cardiologists now have additional revenue per month due to our services.

However, prices vary based on volume. We will be able to provide you with an approximate estimate during our initial discussions. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-786-6104 or email us at info@ekgbilling.com  

4.     What do I need to get started?

Before we get started, we both will need to sign a HIPAA agreement.  Your staff will then scan both the hospital face sheets and the EKG tracings to your network. We will talk to your IT staff about granting us secure and limited access to your system. Once secure access is established, we will download the scans and start the billing process on our proprietary software. We will send you a detailed monthly report on exactly how much money was reimbursed due to each doctor’s EKGs. We are confident that you will be impressed…..

For more information:

phone: 877-786-6104

email: info@ekgbilling.com